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Module Instalation

Semantic Tags Cloud module is distributed in a Joomla package. Go to the extension manager and upload the zip file.
This package will install in your website mod_sematic_tags module.

NOTE: Don't forget to clear cache after the installation of the module and switch the module cache from "Use Global" to "No caching"

Screenshot from 2017 05 27 20 46 25


Module Setup

Once the module is successfully installed go to the module section.
Click on Extensions -> Modules and search for Semantic Tags Cloud

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Open/Edit Semantic Tags Cloud and you have to see something like this in the image below

Screenshot from 2017 05 27 20 48 59


As you can see, nothing too crazy, just an Access Token is requierd. Because processig the content consumes a lot of resources and makes imposible some processes to do it on the client server we're doing all the heavy lifting for you with our powerful servers. Basically the module it's just a bridge between our server and your website, so you don't have to worry about nothing.

To get your Access Token go to our page at the registration are and create an account and log in into your private area.

Screenshot from 2017 05 27 20 49 24

Screenshot from 2017 05 27 22 35 34

Screenshot from 2017 05 27 22 35 34

The next easy step is create and application for your module.

Screenshot from 2017 05 27 12 56 04

After you successfully creted your application you can see that we provide some information about your new created "API Client" (we call the applications API Clients)

Under the API Credentials section you have your generated application Access Token, copy the token and paste it into Joomla's Semantic Tags Cloud module Access Token input field, Do not forget to publish the module and asiign modules on Menu Assigment.
Save and Close and DONE!

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Enjoy your Semantic Tags Cloud Joomla module.