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A Football Coach’s Struggle With C.T.E. — and a Guilty Conscience

RALEIGH, N.C. — In the last years of his life, the longtime football coach for dominating college teams wrestled with impaired speech, forgetfulness, lapses in concentration. And with his conscience.

As C.E.O. Pay Packages Grow, Top Executives Have the President’s Ear

The top 200 chief executives, who make more than last year, are holding meetings with President Trump, who is considering rolling back Dodd-Frank regulations.

Shakira Finds Liberation, One Song at a Time

Not long ago, the Colombian songwriter and pop star Shakira didn’t know if she would ever make another album. “I was full of doubts, and I thought I was never going to make good music again,” she said in an interview at a Midtown Manhattan hotel suite on a busy day of promotion for yes, a new album, “El Dorado,” released on Friday.